Buying Guitars & Musical Instruments 101

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Whenever you’re in the market for a brand new musical instrument to play around with to your heart’s content, there are a few things you should know before you buy in order to get the most out of your purchase.

Let’s start with guitars as they are among the most popular of musical instruments that we carry in our store. They also have probably the most amount of easy to¬†identify, telltale signs of quality or otherwise in comparison to other musical instruments on the market today. First of all, when it comes to guitars, their place of origin or where they were built typically comes first among the telltale signs of quality for a guitar. Just like cars, some of the highest quality guitars in the world all come out of the same 3 places, America, Japan & Germany. If the guitar you’re considering purchasing comes out of any of those 3 places, you can be fairly sure that it will be reflected in the price tag as well. Areas of the world to avoid when it comes to buying a guitar would be: China, Mexico, Taiwan, Bangladesh & Indonesia. Sometimes manufacturers such as Fender, for example, will build their guitars in both a quality area such as America as well as a poorer quality location such as Mexico for instance so that they can cater to both high-end customers with discerning tastes as well as beginners and musicians more inclined to just play as opposed to fretting about the quality (pun intended).

Other key areas to keep in mind when it comes to guitar shopping are the neck & body obviously, especially in the case of acoustic guitars! Any knicks, warps or cracks will negatively¬†affect the sound the guitar makes to the point that some of these deformities will lead the guitar to sounding out notes nowhere close to what you’re intending to play. Given that we’re discussing musical instruments in the context of second-hand purchases, it’s important that you yourself not only eye the guitar up & down but also feel it out with your hands for any potential irregularities. The second-hand market is filled with deals to be sure but it can also contain its fair share of pains & pitfalls as well in the form of downtrodden musical instruments.

Moving onto other instruments, near all electrically based instruments (keyboards, some guitars etc.) are affected by the same variables in price as mentioned above with guitars. Such as their place of origin is of great importance, those places of origin are typically the same (Japan, USA & Germany make all the best instruments) and their physical condition should also be taken note of.